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Trigger Jobs:

Before we get started, what is a trigger job anyway?  A common misconception is that it is simply replacing a factory trigger for an aftermarket trigger.   

During the manufacturing process or due to wear, tiny burrs form on the internal parts that interact within the fire control group.  These grind on each other and cause friction.  

When these burrs throughout the fire control group are added together, the cumulative affect is a hard, uncomfortable trigger pull.  The parts may have also worn unevenly and may even be wavy instead of smooth.  Sometimes the springs are also the cause of a heavy, grainy trigger pull.

A trigger job essentially corrects sloppy machining and/or normal wear and creates a smooth, lighter trigger pull.

What we do:  

First we analyze what the problem is.  We start by measuring the trigger pull with a gauge.  

We check for any "graininess" in the feel of the trigger system.  

We carefully smooth the internal surfaces, check and adjust the springs if needed, and clean the internals.

  All work is done within the original factory tolerences, especially personal carry defense guns.  

What you can expect:  

A smooth and lighter trigger pull.  A smooth trigger will improve accuracy and will make shooting easier.

Trigger Job on a Revolver


Trigger Job on a Rifle