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Welcome to our website!  We are very pleased to share our unique services with you.


Refurbished and Restored Guns for Sale


PMD Gunsmithing is now offering refurbished and restored used guns for sale!  We add our professional touch and artistic abilities to classic firearms.  Do you enjoy classic guns such as the Winchester 94, the Browning A5, the Remington 1100, military surplus weapons, and much more?  Whether you are looking for a range gun that will catch eyes and stir up conversations or would like to have a beautifully restored classic firearm hanging above your fireplace this is the service for you!  


Feel free to click the links to find our online store from various websites on the internet.  If you do not see anything that peaks your interest that we have to offer for sale, please call 330-240-5960 to consult with us about the gun you would like us to refurbish and sell to you.  We are more than happy to make accomodations so that you can add the perfect gun to your collection!

(Links coming soon, please call for special orders.)


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